Who We Are

Credenso is a community initiative focused on building local economy by finding ways to meet people's needs and support everyone equally.

We see every member of the community as uniqely valuable, with the capacity to give back in their own way when given the means and support to grow. Our goal is to offer people the opportunity to share their time and network with others in their community. We provide support and guidance for anyone who wants to gain experience or get feedback in a skill they are practicing.

Our café is a third place which serves as a focal point for the community. We use this space to host events, and also as a place for anyone to come if they are in need of support. Here are some of the services we offer out of the café:

Weekly Bread

Using leaven to lift up the community.

What better way to build connection than breaking bread with your neighbours? Every Sunday afternoon, we bake fresh loaves of sourdough bread and offer them to the neighbourhood in a pay-what-you-can format.

If you would like to participate, we offer a subscription service to sign up on a month-to-month basis.

    True North Coffee

    Strong, and free.

    Need a recharge? We won't charge you for it. Stop in any time our doors are open for coffee and a snack, any way you like it.

    In addition to our standard café operations, Credenso offers whole bean coffee in refillable containers. We source our coffee beans from local roasters such as Monigram and Alforria so that we can be sure that we're only offering you the best.

      Community Connections

      By everyone, for anyone.

      At Credenso, we don't subscribe to the 'grab and go' lifestyle. We operate our cafés as a space to sit down and (re)connect with the people around you. The reason we are donation-based is to prioritize people over profits, always and forever.

      We plan on offering a wide variety of free community events out of the space, from open mic nights to web development workshops. Our space is open to any member who would like to run an event, so check our events calendar to see who's hosting in the near future.